Featuring Spotted Alen Jackson (3 year old)

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Featuring The Town Painter

We don't sacrifice gait for color!  We have BOTH! 

Painter's babies to outside mares (wait until pics load)

The Town Painter, a true black and white Tobiano who stands at 15.1 hands, is one of the few surviving direct sons of Paint the Town and is also a great grandson of Sandy Sun's Sally and has a number of offspring, many of whom have won titles in the show ring.    Painter is very well mannered, a natural walker and a pleasure to ride and handle.  Painter is also an NATRC competitive trail horse. Click here to see what he's won! If you remember his daughter, Painter's Polka Dots (Dottie) that was featured for sale here several years ago, click the same link to see what's happened to her.

Spotted Alen Jackson is a "home-grown" young stallion currently in training at Hand Training, Blue Moon Farm, Ranburne, AL. He is a direct son of Spotted Alen Again and will start standing at stud in 2011.

We are offering Painter and Jackson's services for $250 (LFG) for 2010 and beyond.  Click here for Painter's full pedigree.  Jackson is the direct son of Spotted Alen Again.  Mare care is $7 daily and AI is available.  We would be glad for you to call (478) 956-4515 or email Baldwins@PaintedGaitFarm.com
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