My Bucky

Bucky (Buckwheat) can be called a Christian dog, in that he was saved.  Some redneck somebody dumped him and all his brothers and sisters (10 in all) on the side of the road near where my horse trainer, Roger Hand, Blue Moon Farm, lives outside of Ranburne, Alabama.  Roger rescued them all and put them in an empty stall and gave them puppy chow.  Everybody that came to see Roger had to look at the puppies.  I'd been wanting another big dog since my collie "Captain Nemo" died several years ago so I picked up the prettiest one (to me) of the litter and carried him around while we watched Roger on Missy.  When we got ready to leave, I said "I'm taking this puppy".  My husband said, "you're joking....aren't you?"  No-o-o-o-o, I wasn't joking.  Wayne said "Come on, buckwheat, get in the truck."  I said, "Well, that's his name, then."    Now he's my best buddy (other than Wayne) and he's a great trail dog.  Here are a few pictures Bucky wanted included along with his narrations.

Mom doesn't need to buy a paper shredder.  I take care of disposing of all the financial trash.
I also regularly rescue mom from the pool.   She lets me rescue her as many times as I want!  I can't let her drown, you know..
Mom and Dad were putting clean sheets on the bed.  Mom discovered me zonked out and snuck and got the camera.  I was a tired dog from all the work I do!
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