Painter's career as a NATRC* Competitive Trail Horse

Wayne decided that in 2005 he was going to compete Painter in every Region 5 ride to see what he could really do.  Here's the results:

Spanish Trail, FL, 3/12/05, Painter took 5th place
Uwharrie Forest, NC, 4/1/2005, both Wayne took 1st place & Painter took 1st place
Big South Fork, TN, 4/16/05, Painter missed due to some breeding obligations
Rockford, AL, 4/30/05, Wayne & Janis both got lost
Myrtlewood, AL, 5/14/05, Wayne got lost again!
Bull Mtn, GA, 5/28/2005, Painter took 1st place and Wayne took 2nd place
Biltmore, NC, 6/11/05, Painter took 4th and Wayne took 1st place
Allum Creek, OH, 7/30/05, we didn't go
East Fork Stables, TN, 9/10/05, Painter took 1st place and Wayne took 2nd place
Heart of Dixie, AL, 10/1/05, Painter took 5th and Wayne took 1st place
Dawson Forest, GA, 10/29/05, Painter & Wayne both took 3rd place

Wayne & Painter are currently both in 1st place in point standings for Region 5

*NATRC Competitive Trail Rides are unlike "endurance".  In endurance riding, one tries to get from point A to Z first while keeping the horse sound and healthy.  Think of it as a very long race.  Competitive trail rides and shorter in length (20 - 30 miles, depending on class) at a slower pace and the point is not to see who gets to the finish line first.  Each competitor starts out with 100 points.  One is graded on everything including one's campsite and the way the horse is tied to the trailer.  Horsemanship is how the horse is handled and presented to the judge and vet after arrival and after the day's ride.  The human participant is graded on horsemanship on the trail while the horse is graded on performance, manners, etc.  The are two "pulse and respiration" stops where the horse's recovery ability is checked.  The judges also set up obstacles along the trail and the horse and rider are graded on how well they perform as a team.  The whole point is the partnership between the horse and rider. 

...and Now It's Dottie's Turn

In 2009, Melissa & Dottie to top honors in Region 5 Novice Lightweight Division AND NATRC National High Point Tennessee Walking Horse!!!
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